1. "You fill me up, Rick, you know. You turn me inside out."

    The Broom of the System — David Foster Wallace

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  2. well…this is awkward

    so i don’t know if i mentioned this, but uh, i kinda moved to Chicago

  3. racebending:



    Go Forth and Educate Yourselves!

    I’d also highly recommend watching the Jane Elliot Brown-eye/Blue-eye experiments, which can be found here:

    Not only should you educate yourself but use this for good. Look around you and help others who don’t have this privilege. Hiring, donating, community service, etc.

    After this post went viral, the original artist had to delete their tumblr because they were inundated with death threats.

    There were people more offended by this comic than offended by the existence of racial disparities—to the point where they threatened this artist’s life.

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  4. "They have photographed the brain
    and here is the picture, it is full of
    branches as I always suspected,

    each time you arrive the electricity
    of seeing you is a huge
    tree lumbering through my skull, the
    roots waving."
    — Margaret Atwood, “I was reading a scientific article,” from The Animals in that Country (via folkmessiah)


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  5. qt on a Ferris wheel, sure am gonna miss that mug #navypier #chicago #ciaofornow

  6. flavorpill:

    This woman was a national treasure, RIP Elaine Stritch

    10 Memorable Moments From Broadway Legend Elaine Stritch’s Career

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  7. solid compliment

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    Bill Murray in Wes Anderson movies

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  9. [date night]

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    Diner Date

    Nikon FE2 / Kodak Portra 400


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