1. "They have photographed the brain
    and here is the picture, it is full of
    branches as I always suspected,

    each time you arrive the electricity
    of seeing you is a huge
    tree lumbering through my skull, the
    roots waving."
    — Margaret Atwood, “I was reading a scientific article,” from The Animals in that Country (via folkmessiah)


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  2. qt on a Ferris wheel, sure am gonna miss that mug #navypier #chicago #ciaofornow

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    This woman was a national treasure, RIP Elaine Stritch

    10 Memorable Moments From Broadway Legend Elaine Stritch’s Career

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  4. solid compliment

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    Bill Murray in Wes Anderson movies

    [my favorite kind]

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  6. [date night]

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    Diner Date

    Nikon FE2 / Kodak Portra 400


    [blue plate special]

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  8. [urbanology]

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    This picture is so beautiful to me


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    it’s finally here

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